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More on Dave Scatchard

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Via this morning:

After a year away from the game, Dave Scatchard is preparing for his National Hockey League comeback.

"I feel like my body has healed and my mind is enjoying it again," the 33- year-old said after skating with a group of Vancouver Canucks veterans at the University of British Columbia.

"When you get a bit older, you appreciate it more. The tough workouts, the dressing room banter. I miss that camaraderie. I’ve kept in touch with some of the guys I’ve played with, but I really miss having a true team and competing for something as a group."

That injury was a concussion sustained over two seasons ago. The piece goes on to suggest that, if he makes the team (which has got to be a long shot with the logjam of third liners the Canucks have), Scratch-Hard could help fill the void in size left by both Taylor Pyatt and Mats Sundin. He had a pair of 45 point seasons with the Islanders (his career bests) prior to the lockout, but since then he's only played 120 games between four teams (the Bruins and Coyotes as well as the Wolf Pack and Admirals of the AHL) and notched 45 points in that span.