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Dave Scatchard Will Be At Canucks Training Camp...Mitchell Not Talking Contract

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Scatchard_medium Hosea Cheung, who writes for Canoe Sports,  is Tweeting from the Canucks' skate today. He has noticed a few intriguing things already:

-Steve Bernier looks "slicker and quicker". Has he found his hands yet is my question.

-Former Canuck Dave Scatchard, who was initially traded away so we could get Felix "The Cat" Potvin, has been invited to camp. Scatchard, 33, has not played in the NHL since the 2006-07 season. He is a bottom 6 player at best. He is a center and is better known for his checking roles.

-Cheung tried to talk to Willie Mitchell about his contract status but Mitchell wouldn't bite. Willie said that he was aware of management wanting to acquire another defenceman, but also said that the current D-men are going to have to step it up.

(Edit: This post has been edited thoroughly because I misquoted Mr. Cheung about Manny Malhotra coming to training camp. My apologies.)