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NHL Top 10's - A YouTube Compilation

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It's a slow news day so....for your viewing pleasure:

-Top 10 Preseason goals of all time. (Guess who's #1?)

-Top 10 All Star Game goals. That Messier goal from Gretzky at GM Place should have ranked higher methinks. A dandy. No doubt on the #1 pick though.

-Top 10 NHL goals of all time. No doubting the winner here.

-Top 10 NHL Playoff OT clutch performers. Can you believe Sakic had 7 OT goals in his career? Yeesh. How about all 3 of Martin Gelinas' OT goals being series winners?

-Top 10 most dramatic season endings. You may be surprised who is #1 here. (Hint: #16)

-Top 10 worst shootout moments. A couple of Canucks in there..oh boy. BTW, no one's laughing at Dennis Wideman anymore, are they?

-Top 15 Shootout goals of all time. I would rank Datsyuk at #2 here. But there's no denying #1.

-Top 10 last-hope desperation saves

-Best glove saves. Why have 10 when you can see 50-plus? Notice how many Mike Vernon saves are in this clip? .

-Top 10 saves of all time. Wellwood's attempt makes #1. You remember who stopped him. Definitely not a #1 though. Where do you think Kirk McLean's Game 7 stop against the Flames should be on this list?

-Top 10 NHL Playoff hits. Beauty! Mark Hardy on Mike Keane...holy hell.