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Who's the new bra guy now?

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Thanks to Karina who dropped us a fanshot with the sad news that Jeff Cowan has brought his hockey show over to Buffalo.

It's been a few years since we saw Cowan make a true impact though I am happy to recollect I called his game winner in the playoffs (at the 1:49 AM mark) back in 2007.

But, as the Brabarian showcases, his lasting legacy will be the appearance of bras on the ice as part of goal celebrations:

An aside: how great was Jan Bulis on that play? And the fact it was SOB mouthing off to Cowan after he scored?

So with Cowan gone it erases an essential component that may be is crucial to a Stanley Cup-caliber team. Namely the question every puck bunny will ask herself in the stands at GM Place, "At what point tonight is it appropriate for me to yank my bra off and chuck it on the ice?"

Indeed, these are dark days. But, we will persevere. All that's needed is a replacement.

The best options at the moment would be Blackout and the Ripper, the two best pugilists on the roster, regulars on the fourth line and occasionally score some beautiful goals.

Case in point - here's Hordichuk getting it done against the Blackhawks:

As for Rypien you'd be hard pressed to top this one from opening night last year:

Priorities folks, we need to get this settled before training camp. Do it for female hockey fans everywhere so they will know when to unleash the twins and let those garments fly like it's a 1980's Quiet Riot concert.