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Oh You Did NOT Just Insult Cody Did You?

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A man named Lawless would like a word with you about your skillz son.
A man named Lawless would like a word with you about your skillz son.

The TEAM1040 had Gary Lawless, a writer for Winnipeg Free Press who follows the Moose, on with Blake Price this afternoon and delivered a shot across the bow of The HMS Hodgson-Calder-Winner:

This is a shame what's going to happen with Cody Hodgson this year, because we got to watch him. He's not good enough to make Vancouver. I know there's lots of guys in your local media who are slobbering over him, but he's got big holes in his game right now. He's clearly going to be a good player down the line, but just like Mason Raymond wasn't ready, Cody Hodgson isn't ready either. He's going to come to camp and they're not going to keep him, and they'll have to send him back to junior, which is a complete waste.

When he was done taking candy from a nearby toddler, G. Lawless would go on to add:

Defensively, he's very deficient - he doesn't have a clue to be honest with you. He hasn't had to play that part of the game in junior hockey because he's so good, he's so much better than everybody else. He gets the puck and he keeps it for 90 seconds. He hasn't played in his own end and in the NHL, he'll cost you more than he gets you right away. Maybe he'll stick around for a little while, but when they have to make the decision (after nine games), he's going back to Brampton.

You can listen to the new Team1040 show "Lawless Tramples Canucks' Fans Hopes And Dreams" right here.

Or you can make of it what you will: a beat writer who saw CoHo play 11 playoff games a few months ago or Gagner who has been working with the kid since he was drafted and says he's ready. To be fair (anChoose a side and defend it to the grave.