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Canucks Training Camp Begins September 7

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We are a mere 3 weeks away from the pre-season festivities getting underway. That's right, enough of the trade speculations already. Let's get down to business. has released the who, when and where of these events today.

Sept. 7: General Motors Place: Prospects medicals and testing (Shirokov busted for doping, jj)

Sept. 7-9: UBC: Prospects Training Camp (Pyatt volunteers to be a pylon)

Sept. 9-10: Edmonton: Prospects Tournament vs Oilers Prospects (Oiler death)

Sept. 12: TBD: Veterans medicals and testing (Are you ready, Woody?)

Sept. 13-16: UBC: Training Camp (Who makes the cut?)

Sept. 14: Terrace, BC: Vancouver vs New York Islanders, Hockeyville, baby!