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Gillis Talks Luongo, Trade, Increased Roles on Team 1040

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I just heard bits and pieces of Mike Gillis on the Team 1040. To sum it up briefly:

-He is "absolutely confident" that he can get Luongo to sign an extension by training camp

-He talked about increased roles for guys like Wellwood, Raymond and Bernier.

-Don't flame me for this, but he also mentioned a little something about acquiring another defenceman via free agency or trade.

-Apparently, he also talked about the Olympics and Shirikov, but I missed those parts.

If I can find a link to that interview I'll post it here, but that won't be for a while yet. They are too busy hacking Michael Vick and Patrick Kane.

Update: Here's the .mp3. But please, do flame Zanstorm about the need for another defensemen!