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Sergei Shirokov Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (probably)

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Another glove tap to David Driscoll-Carignan from Mile High Hockey for his fanshot that Capgeek (who has confirmed a few of the smaller Vancouver signings this summer, up to and including the Jannik Hansen resigning) has posted the entry-level deal for Sergei Shirokov, which basically confirms he'll be in training camp next month. It's a two year deal with a cap hit of $1.1 million ($850k plus a $250k bonus).

As luck would have it, Hockey's Future just recently posted their updated prospects list for Vancouver and Shirokov ranks 8th behind Hodgson, Schneider, Grabner, Schroeder, Hansen (?), Rodin and Sauve:

Shirokov has been improving his offensive production in his native Russia since being drafted. Last season Shirokov netted 17 goals 24 assists in 56 KHL games for CSKA Moscow. Shirokov has substantial international experience playing at the U-18 and U-20 World Juniors, impressing scouts with his stick-handling and shiftiness on the ice. He has good top speed and ample acceleration. His defensive play is satisfactory as he does not have an imposing frame, however Shirokov can create turnovers with his speed and stick-work. He good at both playmaking and shooting.

Based on experience, Shirokov and Tanner Glass are probably the best LW prospects Vancouver now have (in front of Ilja Kablukov and Pierre-Cedric Labrie). Last season Shirokov lead CSKA Moscow with 41 points. More stats are below: