Mats Sundin to Retire, says Swedish Site U.N.T. *UPDATED X2: Sundin and Agent Deny*

But hold the damned phone! UNT heard it from their sources, and then kind of flashed somewhat of a bullshit card at the end of the article. Sundin's Swedish agent Claus Elefalk called the rumor untrue and said that Mats is still staying in shape and still undecided.

Alright, put your barf bags away and go back to what you were doing. Let the Swede papers duke it out.

8:05 AM ET Update: Aftonbladet is carrying the story too, but offering nothing new either. Basically repeating the UNT rumor. The translators weren't cooperating this morning so I used the basic cut and paste job and here's what Aftonbladet had to say essentially:

Mats Sundin, 38, will retire with hockey.

It states Upsala Nya Tidning referring to "reliable sources".

But the Cape itself deny.

- I have not made up my mind, I take a decision in the autumn, "he told Sportbladet.

Late yesterday published UNT information in the sports blog that one of Sweden's greatest hockey careers are over.
'Safe sources'

According to the newspaper has Mats Sundin decided to add skates on the shelf and in the blog provides, inter alia:

"Now, UNT reveal that Mats Sundin decided to add skates on the shelf - for good. Everything under the reliable sources, "writes reporter Henrik Söderlund in a post.

Earlier this summer Sundin announced that he will not participate in the Olympics.

Sportbladet has been in contact with the Cape who says he still has not taken any decision on him to continue his hockey career.

Update 3:30 PM

Now, not surprisingly, Sundin himself has denied the report to Aftonbladet, saying that he will make his decision later in "the autumn." Geez Mats, I thought you said you'd make up your mind by August 1st.

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