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Deadline Passes; Shirokov Sounds Vancouver-Bound

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10:45 AM ET Update: Via, Shriokov released the following statement to my new favorite news outlet, Soviet Sport:

I'm leaving for the NHL with a clean conscience, I always dreamed to play in the world's strongest league. There are no resentments with CSKA, before the session I had a talk with head coach Sergei Nemchinov and we understood each other. I will soon leave to take part to Vancouver's development camp.

Now that sounds a bit more official than just a few hours ago. No word yet from the Canucks organization but we'll keep you posted.


According to the, the deadline for Sergei Shirokov to come to an agreement over his contract with CSKA Moscow passed at midnight.

The latest, via through Google Translate, suggests Shirokov's time in the KHL is indeed over and he is headed for Vancouver:

- At what stage of your negotiations with the "Vancouver"?
- The contract I already have at home. We discussed the details, and soon I will sign it.

Take it for what it's worth. No way to know if there's more legal avenues to pursue that will keep him in Moscow or if the KHL will step in. Hopefully this ends sooner rather than later.

Hey, at least this summer's drama involves a Russian and not a waffling Swede. Count your lucky stars.