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Dave Gagner: Cody Hodgson Is Ready For NHL

Tip to the folks at CDC for finding the story at the Team 1040 website. Gagner, the Canucks' Director of Player Development said:

"In my opinion, he is.  He's proven everything he can at the Canadian hockey league level - Player of the year.  It was the type of year that he was able to experience everything, which is very unique.  At the World Junior Championships, he led that in scoring and played a big part in a gold-medal win.  At the end of the season, he helped get his team in the OHL final and after that played in the Calder Cup final (with Manitoba). In terms of the experience he gained this year, we couldn't have asked for anything more. I believe he's ready - Cody's going to have to come in and prove that to everyone on the coaching staff - but in my opinion, he is ready."

Don't expect Hodgson to be a lock (or do..whatever gets you up in the morning), but this is exciting to hear Gagner say that. Hodgson will have to haul ass at training camp, which you can be assured he will. There is no way in hell he wants to go back to the OHL.

This is where it must be a bit nerve-wracking for Mike Gillis. If Hodgson steps in and performs masterfully, where does Kyle Wellwood go? The same applies with Michael Grabner.  In the end we may have more depth or commodities than we think.

UPDATE: Via the Province, Hodgson's slot on the team is his to lose.