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God Bless Lui's Groin: Andrew Raycroft Is In The House

Andrew Raycroft

#0 / Goalie / Vancouver Canucks



May 04, 1980

(h/t to Beantown Canuck for the fanshot alerting us and PPP for rubbing it in though we can hardly blame you)

Was it just me or did you feel a steely cold burst up and down your spine when you saw this? Somewhere Dan Cloutier is laughing (assuming he doesn't blow a hip doing it).

Back to Mr. Razor. In one way, you could view this is a good acquisition, giving Vancouver Luongo, Schneider and the '03-'04 Calder Trophy winner all as options to guard the net.

Then again, that was Raycroft's best season (in the pre-lockout era too) and to suggest it's been downhill ever sense is an insult to gravity. His save percentage hasn't been above .900 since '03-'04 and his best GAA since that season was a 2.99% two years ago. Last year with the Avs he sported a stingy .892 save percentage and a 3.14 GAA, both of which were 42nd best in the league respectively.

If you have something positive to share about Raycroft, have at it because I have nothing. Perhaps the best case scenario is Schneider outplays him in training camp and establishes himself as Luongo's back up. Raycroft can toil in Manitoba and then, if Schneider is dealt, perhaps it's at the deadline in which case Raycroft can be called up and play in maybe five games.

If he hangs around and (*shiver*) plays in more than five or ten games, then Gillis has some s'plaining to do.