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Mike Gillis and 12 Other Teams Still Inquiring About Sundin

Yes, it's pathetic. Mats Sundin has told Hockeyexpressen that he is still undecided about playing again, and that he should make up his mind toward the end of July. We've all heard that before.

What you have not heard is that Mike Gillis has been asking Mats' Swedish agent Claes Elefalk 3 or 4 times over the past few weeks as to what Sundin's intentions are. The Sedins, of course, want him back.

More on that here.

The biggest difference about Sundin's indecision this summer compared to last summer are:

-I think he'll make up his mind before training camp this time.

-Gillis does not have the cap space to acquire Sundin this year unless Mats takes a big cut. That concept is highly unlikely, but I would welcome it.

-Sundin is a god in Sweden, however, news outlets and fans alike are not going to give as much of a damn about him here in North America this time round. Myself? I'm a big fan so I'll keep updating his "status" whether it angers people or not.

Anyway, back to my vacation. Kick ass weather here on Vancouver Island!