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Welcome Mikael Samuelsson

First, my apologies for not being around this afternoon. Naturally after covering the FA period for two straight days, I took a day off to go to a Yankees game and the Mikael Samuelsson deal comes down. I tried to update the site via the iPhone but that was a giant fail so, yeah, a bit of a delay. Kudos to the crowd who covered it in the comments.

If it makes the situation any better, I cheered on the Blue Jays. They lost. Lyle Overbay tried though.

So, yeah, back to the point...we got a right winger! Holy slewfoot Batman. You realize Bernier, Demitra and Burrows are all switch right wingers? The only pure right winger on the rostrer is Raymond?

Adding Samuelsson means he either joins the Sedins on yet another pure Swede attack or he shifts Kesler to the center and joins Demitra on the wing for the second line? Not too shabby at all. And a pure Gillis move as well; not overpaying but finding value and a Cup-experienced winger to boot.

I'll have more as soon as I can, but for now, Gillis strikes again and it's all good.

(thanks to Baroque for helping out in the comments! much obliged)