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Ten Cases For Keeping Kyle Wellwood (Video Montage)

We still make fun of Wellwood's weight issues, even though he did almost everything to silence his critics. There is no news on Woody's arbitration hearings yet, but I hope it gets resolved and it makes sense financially for the Canucks to keep him.

Just for your viewing pleasure (and because there is no Canucks news to speak of), here are some Wellwood highlights from the 2008-09 season: Enjoy...and remember the might of the Wood.

1. TSN praises Wellwood's holy name after Game 1 of the Vancouver-Chicago series:

2. Wellwood gets more praise from TSN and heckled by his teammates a little.

3. Woody makes King Henrik look silly.

4. Kyle scores a shootout goal on Marty Turco.

5. He makes Jonas Hiller look stupid in a shootout as well.

6. Smile Woodrow, you monster.

7. Suck it, Nashville.

8. Suck it, Blues.

9. Always good to score against the team that dumped you.

10. Goal after goal...