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Mattias Ohlund Lightning Press Conference / Video Tribute

Ohlund_lightning_medium The Lightning organization introduced Mattias Ohlund and Matt Walker to the TB media and fans a couple of days ago. How does Ohlund look in a Lightning jersey? Not too shabby. A tad heartbreaking I'd say.

While he is a perfect fit on the Bolts' back end, he will be missed here in Vancouver. I just had to say that, you know, since I downplayed my emotions on the matter over the past year. I'm going to miss those crunching hits (some of them borderline boarding calls) the timely goals and passes. Strangely, I don't have much more to add to Ohlund's eulogy. He went about his business in a quiet, monstrous manner and was so damned effective. However many times he'd anger me with lack of discipline - taking all those minor penalties.

I am sure that I'll be missing Matty when I watch him scoring goals and demolishing guys on the highlight reels this coming season. I'll feel regret/anger when Sami Salo breaks his index finger picking his his nose and the Canucks lack that serious depth on defence.

Who's going to shadow and piss off Iginla now?

Enough said. Good luck in Tampa, Ohlund. Thanks for the efforts and memories playing for the Canucks. I'll leave you with this video: