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Court Decision Favors Francesco Acquilini

From Sportsnet:

The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with Aquilini, dismissing an appeal application from a pair of Vancouver businessmen.

Tom Gaglardi and Ryan Beedie wanted Canada's highest court to overturn two B.C. court rulings that rejected claims they should have been included in Aquilini's purchase of the NHL team.

B.C.'s supreme and appeal courts found Gaglardi and Beedie were no longer Aquilini's partners when he made a successful bid to buy half of the hockey franchise in 2004.


Not a big fan of ownership politics, but this sure settles the issue. Looks like Gaglardi and Beedie will have to cover Acquilini's legal fees as well. That's gotta be a chunk of change, but when your rich as hell, that's chump change.