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No Fear Of Flying Here

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Dirk at On The Forecheck has put together his annual look at super stats in regards to how many total travel miles and the number of back to back games each team is subjected to.

If you recall, last year Gillis made a big stink about how much the Canucks travel (last year Vancouver and Columbus were tied for the most travel miles I think). Did it work?

According to Dirk's work, yes it did. Vancouver traveled 51,206 miles last year and are slated to travel 48,221 miles next season, a difference of 2,985 miles. Only Phoenix (49,707), Edmonton (49,191), Dallas (51,182), Calgary (55,331) and Anaheim (49,068) travel more total miles. Buffalo travels the least at 25,911 miles.

You read that right: Calgary travels the most miles of any team in the league. Makes you want to put a Bouwmeester smile on your face huh?

As for back to back games, the range runs from 11-19 this year and Vancouver is towards the middle of that spectrum with 14. The Senators and Oilers each have 11 while the Blackhawks set the bar with 19. Poor Chicago, how will they cope?

Back to the Northwest, it would appear the entire division has had their travel scaled back:

So, on average, the Northwest and Pacific Division teams have had their travel clawed back nearly 2,000 miles apiece (or about 4 per cent), with the difference tacked onto the Atlantic, Northeast and Central.

A team by team breakdown is for the Northwest:

  • Calgary = 55,331 miles, 14 back to backs
  • Colorado = 43,405 miles, 16 back to backs
  • Edmonton = 49,191 miles, 11 back to backs
  • Minnesota = 43,599 miles, 15 back to backs
  • Vancouver = 48,221 miles, 14 back to backs

An aside: every wonder what it must be like for a player who is scared of flying to be a NHL player? Surely there have been a few over the years. I wonder if the league has a mandated drug in the event of in-flight freakout.