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Wings-Penguins Game 6 Open Thread / Moose-Bears coverage as well

Dx_zetterberg_lidstrom_medium It's funny how opinions and predictions twist and turn as this series moves along. Now everyone is saying the Pens are done, as Detroit pounded them 5-0 in the pivotal game 5 and with what Pavel Datsyuk brings. It's hard not to call a Wings win tonight, yet I still think the home team is going to win every game in this series.

I don't see a sub-par game coming from any of the Pens tonight, especially Evgeni Malkin. We should see the Penguins flash their speed once again in desperation on home ice. If not, well then damn it there won't be hockey for months and we can get on with the off season.

As timing would have it, the Moose play the Bears tonight at 4:00 PST. I will cover that in the comments section of this post.