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Free Agency Eve Open Thread


7:09 PM ET - I got to run out and Sean's on vacay. I'm dropping our twitter feed here and will post things as I get them on the phone. In the meantime, if you see anything out there, drop it in the comments.

Tomorrow is a full day liveblog so plan on sticking around with me. The bedlam of this time of year always amazes me.

6:58 PM ET - (via Kuklas) Jere Lehtinen inks a one year extension in Dallas.

6:47 PM ET - Now reports are that soulless heathen JP Barry is refuting the CBC report. Or, more precisely, "no comment" (via @Kelcey Brade). Though you have to think the Gomez trade is a sign that the Sedins are returning. Regardless, nothing confirmed yet.

6:41 PM ET: Via @mozy19, the CBC is reporting the Sedins are signed and delivered for Vancouver. Searching for more now...

6:00 PM ET: The Canadiens get Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto (great name guy) from the Rangers for Chris Higgins, Doug Janik, Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko. No reports on how drunk Gainey was to pull the trigger on this one. More fallout from Eyes on the Prize and Blueshirt Banter.