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Use Them Fists For Votin'

Did you know it's National Fist Bump Day? You know what to do you filthy terrorists.

However, on the topic of fists hitting flesh, the good souls over at have their 2009 awards up for your voting pleasure (g/t to Puck Daddy for the heads up).

Now you'd think a team that was tied for fourth in fighting (lead by Darcy the Blackout with 13), had the league's most penalized defenseman and took place in a delightful line brawl surely has to be up for some award, right?

Well we didn't make the fight of the year, but you can get your Canuck vote in on for:

> Favorite fighter (Hordichuk or Rypien)

> Best enforcing team (quick! vote! we're losing). And, hey, as long as you're there...

> Best team feud (Vancouver's the only team in there twice)

> Best old school moment (Chicago/Vancouver line brawl)

> Best skilled fighter (Bieksa? Really?)

A guy can dream of a healthy Rypien owning half of these awards next season.

But until then go get your vote on because, hell, Vancouver might as well win something this year.