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Is It Panic Time?

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So let's recap where we stand after this weekend's festivities:

1. Vancouver had nothing positive on the Sedins. In fact, it's looking quite strong that they may hit July 1st as independent contractors available to the highest bidder. And, if they do, they will leave two deep holes in the forward ranks and fundamentally change Vancouver's offensive strategy for the first time in about five or six seasons. Gillis is playing hardball and now runs the risk of damaging any goodwill between the two sides. Part of me honestly still feels he'll cave. But if Gillis lets them walk, it'll be a fierce debate as to if he did the right thing or not. And, if they do leave, how Gillis replaces them is an entirely separate debate.

2. Seeing Luongo up on stage with management is definitely a positive sign. Gillis has been consistent since he took the job that this is Luongo's team. For better or worse. I suspect the extension coming perhaps sometime this week or whenever Gillis is done with his free agency targets. If the extension comes early, then kiss Cory Schneider goodbye as he's the best possible asset to entice other teams to send some NHL caliber our way.

3. We may never know if Gillis had a strong shot at Bouwmeester‎ but the Flames gave up a decent chunk to get a shot at making him sign on a dotted line before Wednesday. If he does sign with Calgary, he's going to give Vancouver headaches for years. If he doesn't sign, does Vancouver take a run at him come Wednesday or do they look elsewhere?

4. If Vancouver is about to lose a trio of Swedes (Ohlund and the twins), we know some their long term replacements: Patrick White's current teammate Jordan Schroeder for starters. A smallish Patrick Kane will look just fine next to Hodgson in a few years. Perhaps on the other side could be RW Anton Rodin, the highest ranked Swede taked by the Canucks since the Sedins. On the blueline (where Vancouver's clearly the weakest at the prospect level) there's hope that Peter Andersson, Kevin Connauton and Jeremy Price can join Yann Sauve as the future defensive core.

Clearly, Vancouver is at a crossroads in every capacity: does Luongo re-up or not? Who replaces Ohlund? Who potentially replaces the Sedins and Sundin? A lot is going to be determined this week (and you bet we'll have every second covered here starting Wednesday) but how much of it is going to be positive or negative?

So, as we wait, let's check the panic level of the Canucks nation.