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Demitra: The Empty-Net Goal King

Just in case you get into a drunken debate about how many goals the Canucks scored into the empty net with the opposing goalie pulled, let me give you some completely useful stats (cue sarcasm) to put somewhere way back into your already cluttered mind.

The Canucks scored 8 empty net goals last regular season. Pavol Demitra scored FOUR of them. Yes, 4 of his 20 goals were into the yawning cage. The 4 others were scored by Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Alexandre Burrows and Jannik Hansen.

Daniel Sedin had 4 points in regards to empty net goals. Henrik had 3. Kesler had 2, as did Burrows.

Why did I research this? Plain ol' curiosity, and a slow night with my friend the Captain. I aim to please.