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TSN: No Counter Offer From Gillis To Sedins

TSN's sources are saying that Mike Gillis met with the Sedin's agent JP Barry after Round 1 of the draft and did not counter offer anything in reply to their 12-year $63 million proposal. This prompts Ben Kuzma at The Province to believe that Gillis is standing pat on his original offer of a 5-year deal and not budging right now, with the damned clock running down to July 1st.

It's head-to-head poker it seems. Gillis seems willing to wait until the last minute before either caving, the Sedins caving, or just letting them hit the free agent market. The latter still seems ludicrous to me. But at the same time, it will free up a lot of money to chase other key free agents and revamp the team. Risky, if you ask me.