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Draft Day Arrives

...and finally something to look forward to! Draft day arrives. If you're curious what it's like at the player's level, spoke with Cody Hodgson about what last year was like for him.

So what will happen tonight. Like last year, will Vancouver stand pat while the Olli Jokinen's of the world get moved or will we see Gillis be more active. Will he hang on to the pick and take his chances or move it? And will there be more news on the Sedins, Heatley, Gaborik and Bouwmeester for that matter? What about Luongo's contract that seems, perhaps in principle, to be locked in? Lots to be decided in short order.

Zanstorm will cover all the happenings tonight right here at Nucks Misconduct, but if you want to check out a rink side seat, head on over to the SBN bloggers who will be reporting live from the floor (if they get some time with Canucks management or drafted players, we'll be sure to get that in front of you ASAP):

> Eyes on the Prize

> Birds Watcher Anonymous

> Broad Street Hockey

> Die By The Blade

> Pension Plan Puppets

> Blueshirt Banter

> PensBurgh

> Defending Big D

And if you'd like a closer look at Vancouver-related news straight from the floor, check out the Twitter feed for Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog as she's front and center there as well. Ryan Walter is also twittering (god I hate that word) from the Canucks desk.

And just a few more hours to chime in our poll below. Today should no doubt be fun and a good start for the bedlam that starts next Wednesday.