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ESPN's Buccigross To Team 1040: Luongo Has Agreed To Extension / Denied By Agent

What kind of connections does John Buccigross have, anyway? They gotta be pretty damned good. If this is true, it cannot be announced until July 1 when Luongo will officially be in the final year of his contract. We'll see if Mike Gillis denies it or not tomorrow. I hope it's true. Damn it I hope it's true.

Link to story at Team 1040

It didn't take long for Luongo's agent Gilles Lupien to deny the report in the Province.

"I have six players in the draft, I haven't had any time to talk to anyone about this," Gilles Lupien said from Montreal. "I was hoping to talk to (Canucks GM Mike) Gillis Friday morning.
"I haven't talked to Roberto in more than a month. He told me he wanted to sit down with his wife and spend some time thinking about all of this."

"It seems like everyone in the media wants something done yesterday," Lupien said. "Everybody wants to push. Everybody wants a scoop. Well, there is no scoop here. This is something that is going to take some time. The media needs to relax and let us take our time on this.
"Stop pushing. You guys are pushing him right out of the city."
There you have it. That last sentence in Lupien's quote is a bit haunting, don't you think?