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Wednesday Musings

Friday can't come quick enough, so to help your hump day woes, here's some news and thoughts from around Vancouver land:

Restocking the Cupboards: THW has their take on who the Canucks may draft first overall on Friday. As they say, "the less said about Pat White, the better."

Gaborik and Tampering?: Oh how delicious it would be for Minny fans if the Canucks were tampering with Gaborik and we had to surrender a first round pick. Don't they know, based on history, that we routinely mess it up anyway? Better to let us draft the Nathan Smiths of the world and watch the fall out.

For what it's worth, is this tampering or just stupid?

Lastly, all of this Gabby and Heatley talk is adorable, but what happened with the Sedins?

What Makes A Canucks Fan?: At the least, I think it involves a flag on your car and hating Dave Pratt.

Who's Returning To The Moose?: Gah, I didn't realize Ouellet could be walking away this summer too. I'll still be on his fan train no matter where he goes (assuming it isn't Calgary).

The UFA of the day is Mike Knuble: "...he could tutor Steve Bernier in the fine art of finishing one-timers from three feet away."

Bure Vs Ovechkin: Mining the depths of the CDC for your amusement folks.