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Mats Sundin Emerges From the Shadows and....Speaks: No Olympics / NHL Future Uncertain

For the first time since he cleaned out his locker in GM Place, Sundin spoke to Hockeyexpressen about his plans.

- He will not play for Sweden in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. He says it is time for the next generation to take over.

- Sundin is still disappointed about the loss to the Blackhawks, as he thought that had the Canucks beat Chicago, they would have had a great chance against Detroit. (I agree)

- He was proud of his 8 points in 8 games in the playoffs and happy about how he and the Canucks progressed after the dreadful January from hell. That is how he responded when asked about the criticism he received.

- He hinted that he was not happy with the ice time that Alain Vigneault gave him when he first started playing. That's strange, because I think Sundin looked lost out there and the coaching staff was trying to bring him back slowly. Usually, players will say that they need more icetime to find their game quicker.

- WILL SUNDIN PLAY IN THE 2009-10 SEASON? Well, there is where Sundin offers little info once again. He said he will continue thinking about it over the next few weeks and have a decision some time in the summer. When asked if playing for the Canucks again was a possibility Mats said "absolutely."

Gunnar Nordstrom's interview with Sundin can be found here.

Personally, I'd like to see Sundin play a whole season with Vancouver. But I'm not in agreement with Gillis waiting around for Sundin to make up his mind again like last year. Basically, commit to the team before July 1 or get lost. We have a winning team to build here.