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Oh noes! Sedins want how much? Panic accordingly.

Huzzah, finally a leak in the Sedin negotiations (courtesy of the same Swedish outlet who couldn't help out with a damn thing regarding Sundin last year). But hey, no matter, let's roll with it.

According to TSN (via the Swedish website, the Sedins are seeking "identical 12-year contracts worth $63 million each, similar to the one signed by fellow countryman Henrik Zetterberg with the Detroit Red Wings."

This naturally will bring out the critics quicker than you can say "does ABBA still tour?" Especially amongst Red Wing fans who will be quick to cite the post season success of their Z against our mutual S's. Fair enough.

However, what TSN doesn't say is that even if this deal was signed it would be a cap hit of roughly $5.25 million which is not even a two million dollar increase over their current $3.75 million contract. That's hardly selling the farm.

Secondly, I point you again towards Mirtle's excellent take on the Sedins back in April:

The only players Daniel had fewer even-strength points than this season were Malkin, Ovechkin, Crosby, Parise, Datsyuk and Havlat. Add Iginla to the list for those ahead of Henrik.

The twins are actually elite performers whether Gillis or their critics like it or not and deserve to be paid as such. But all of the guys mentioned above are paid more than the Sedins, including Havlat if you include his contract that ends in two weeks.

Secondly, this is a far cry from the numbers we heard earlier this year (around seven million a twin was reported back during the winter).

Now, is Gillis insane enough to lock up two guys until they're both a crisp 41 years of age? Not bloody likely. I don't think any GM (other than Sather) is insane enough to chuck that much money at two guys for that long a time.

So my hunch is, if this report is true, Gillis wouldn't balk at the yearly price but the length of the deal. Maybe split the difference and add a few more dollars per year? All part of negotiations that I'm sure Gillis, in his former life, is quite familiar with.

I still believe Gillis will get them inked to something that makes sense. But if you take this one at face value, it's not one he'll be signing.

(g/t to Dustin Timberlake for his fanpost as well)