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Canucks-Blackhawks Game 4 Preview




A great pre game "pep talk" posted by GoodKeith in the FanPost section.


There was so much tension mounting for Canucks fans prior to Game 3 yet the team prevailed, going back to it's Alain Vigneault roots to shut down Chicago. That was big. That gave back the Canucks' home ice advantage in this series. Now there is a newfound tension. Can the Canucks possibly take both games in Chicago and go up 3-1 in the series with the opportunity to close these guys out on home ice?

With this Canucks team, anything is possible. They continually show resiliency even when many count them out.

I'm not making any predictions. I don't know what is going to happen tonight. But I do know what's happening in this series.

-Patrick Kane has 3 goals and 1 assists.

-Duncan Keith has 4 assists.

-Captain Toews has 1 measily assist.

-Alex Edler has 1 goal and 4 assists

-Mats Sundin has 3 assists

-Hank Sedin has 3 goals and 1 assist

-Dank Sedin has 3 assists

-The Canucks have been outshot in every game of this series, and I believe in 6 of the 7 playoff games they've played.

-Roberto Luongo has a much better goals against average than Nikolai Khabibulin in the playoffs.

-The same applies with his save percentage.

-The Canucks have scored 5 power play goals in this series. The Squawks 3.

The Canucks will need the same effort they put forth in Game 3 to win Game 4. They took the fans right out of it early last game. That kind of trapping hockey makes Luongo look good, as he doesn't have to make many miraculous saves. I like it like that because has been anything but god-like in this series.

The status of Sami Salo remains a game time decision at this point. Sami has a comedic side to him. From Pierre Lebrun at ESPN:

When pressed by a Chicago reporter to reveal the nature of his injury, whether it was a groin or an ankle or a knee, Salo didn't miss a beat.



"Maybe it's just a burning sensation when you pee. You never know," Salo said as the scrum exploded into laughter.

Tip to Second City Hockey for finding that. Damned funny. At least your sense of humor isn't injured, Sami!

No Demitra, no problem. Play that kind of game again, Mason Raymond!

Go Canucks! Shut these guys down!