Game 4 pre-game pep talk

Gentlemen --

It is no secret we have taken the upper hand in this war we wage against the proud warriors of Chicago. After leaving our home with a fair deal of vulnerability, an unsung hero has returned to guide us to the advantage we had when this battle was first waged, 1,890 miles away. Granted, we fight not for our lives, as some have done in the past. We fight not to defend our radical beliefs, as some have done in the past. We fight not to defend our nation, as some have done in the past.

We fight, gentlemen, to become immortalized in the history books -- to become engraved on hallowed soil. We fight so we may give our supporters a chance to feel their labor of love invested in us has been worthwhile.

Our supporters have been at our backs for years, through years when Vancouver was fighting defending an ocean that does not provide our water supply. They were at our backs when we surrendered battles to vastly superior opponents and surrendered battles to vastly inferior opponents. They have spent their hard earned coin on us so we may have facilities and amenities to prepare for battle. Without their support we would be in the same situation as our comrades from the desert -- only God and Bettman have any idea where their fate lies.

As to becoming engraved on hallowed soil, that is something our brigade of troops has never done. We have been closer in the past twice, but both times were denied immortality under Liberty's shadow. This time around we are not only armed with enough firepower to outshoot the ones out east they call Crosby and Ovechkin, we have a wall manning the goal that can halt the stiffest barrage we have in the west from players like Franzen, Hossa, Toews, Kane, and that bastard Pronger.

So now it is our turn tonight, in the center of the American republic, to do battle once more. We will either achieve great victory yet again or we will head back home with three chances to win two games. All I know is, gentlemen, nothing is going to be done unless you make it a priority to doing our brand of battle. Nothing shall be rendered unto you unless you realize it takes every piece of your learned wisdom from throughout the years to achieve success in this game. Every coach and mentor you have had believes in you.

And now, go out to battle and Pursue It. For the journey is long, hard, and scratchy -- but the reward is as sweet as you'll ever know. And yes, maybe your place in history will be marred by someone who thinks your name is spelled "Alexander" but their misfortune will make your legend grow for generations. Bring it in, Canucks.


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