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Canucks-Hawks: The Pivotal Game 3

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THE ENEMY: Second City Hockey

UPDATE: Pavol Demitra missed Monday's practice. Vigneault said that Demo should play "in theory." Huh, there's a new way of putting it.

Demitra has been a Hawks killer in his career, scoring at a 1.17 points per game pace in 47 career games against Chicago. Tip to Second City Hockey for finding that stat.


With 2 games over with and 2 Canucks blown leads, many Vancouver fans and media are getting the jitters and certain reporters are nearly jumping off the wagon.

Burrows doesn't understand the negative vibes.

“We’re going to respond. We’ve been a very good team. We’re going to be fine. I don’t know about all this negaitivity. It’s 1-1. No one thought it was going to be easy.”

There is one Blackhawk player who is getting cocky: Who else but Adam Burish.

"We have to target some of the other D now," said Burish. "Those other guys are going to have the bulls-eyes on their back . . .with Salo out, they are down to five of their main D. Now we are going to have to target more of their guys, we are going to have to try and hunt a few more of them down."

Can the Canucks post that in their dressing room? How about the leftover Canucks D hunts down the Hawks? They have the size and strength. Use it!

Speaking of D, the Canucks know that they have to play better in front of Luongo. They are saying all the right things right now, but it's time to execute on the ice. They have to slow the Hawks down and keep them to the outside. No more ugly rebounds getting gobbled up by chickenHawk players.

And please, for the love of God, STOP BLOWING LEADS! We know this Canucks team is better than what we are seeing. They know it as well. A 60 minute effort and victory will help their psyche in this regard. But it won't come easy in front of the crazy Hawks fans.

How about the Canucks crash Khabibulin's crease a little more? The Hawks are doing it to Luongo and it's working. Make life miserable for the freaky-looking Russian netminder.

Luongo issued a challenge to his team on Monday.

"We've got to be sure we're tight on defence and I've got to make the big saves," said Luongo. "We're going to make some adjustments and make sure we don't give them as many scoring chances".

Spoken like a true captain, now let's see if they can get it done.