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Malkin Fights Zetterberg / Finals Thoughts

The Penguins' and especially their 2 star players are frustrated. Detroit is getting all the breaks and also just about toying with them. The anger of Malkin finally boiled over near the end of the 3rd Period in Game 2, as he took exception to Henrik Zetterberg's jabs at Maxime Talbot, who had "speared" Osgood. Malkin pulled Zetterberg aside and started beating on him. Check it out:

While Malkin did score a goal tonight, his buddy Sid Crosby was held off the scoreboard again, and much credit for that goes obviously to Zetterberg, who is shadowing Sid the Kid, and/or playing goalie behind Osgood.

What consequences come out of the Malkin-Zetterberg tilt? Malkin was clearly beating on Zetterberg for a while before Henrik finally dropped his gloves. There may be suspensions. Malkin should definitely miss game 3 according to Section/Rule 47.22 of the NHL Rulebook.

I have to tip my hat to the refs in this series so far. They are letting the players play. I could have sworn it would be the opposite. I'd rather see them let half-assed hooks/obstruction go then have a power play-fest out there.

It's great hockey, no doubt about it.