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Coach and Canucks Talk Changes / More Links

- Vigneault and his club talk about what they did wrong in Game 2 and how they plan to remedy the situation. It all adds up to DEFENCE.

Link (video)

- TSN's Reporters ask the question: "Are the Canucks in trouble?"

Yes, I'd like to punch out that panel as well, especially the Sports Illustrated guy who calls us the "Canooks.

- The Chicago Sun Times calls it a "dose of reality."

-Sami Salo did not make the trip to Chicago. No one knows if it is his ribs or groin that are bothering him. Alain Vigneault is calling him day to day. The Man Ryan Johnson had X-Rays done on his right hand, as he blocked 2 shots with it. He appears to be fine enough to play.

- THREE fights in the stands at last night's game? Check out the Kurtenbloggers' podcast for more on that.

Personally, I'm not panicking. It's much too early for that. The trend of blowing leads is disturbing, but I think the Canucks have the right amount of leadership in their locker room to change the tide.