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Canucks Sign Rypien To A 2-Year Deal

The 25 year-old Rypien is becoming a fan fave in Vancouver. Now hopefully he can stay healthy and his personal problems are a thing of the past.

Said Rypien after the signing:

"Vancouver approached me and we (signed a deal) right away,” said Rypien. “I’m more than happy with that. I didn’t want to play anywhere else but Vancouver. I feel probably the best I’ve felt health-wise. Hopefully, that’s the end of all that stuff."


“I just want to pick up where I left off,” he said. “I’m still pretty young so I think I can get better."


Money values on the contract have not been confirmed/released yet. He made $522,000 last season.

A big hat tip to Karina and Beantown Canuck for catching this news and posting it in the FanShot section. Is there anyone who isn't going to like Rypien in a Canucks jersey for 2 more years?

He's one tough SOB with a boxing background. He can beat guys with his right hand and change it up and start firing lefts. For your viewing pleasure, I now present to you:

Ripper destroying Prust: