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Moose Win Western Conference Championship Video

AHL hockey can be pretty damned good, as Game 6 of the Moose-Aeros series proved. Here, finally, are the highlights from that deciding game, since I'm betting that the majority of you haven't seen them. Enjoy!


Keep in mind that Corey Locke is Wild property, and Mark Fistric is a Stars player.

Both are great players.

This is the first time the Moose have been to the Calder Cup Finals since their arrival in Winnipeg in 1996. You think Mike Keane is happy? He chose to stay out of the NHL and play for his hometown Moose with a dream to bring the Calder Cup to Winnipeg.

The Moose did not play the Bears this season. I believe the teams have won 4 games each in their last 8 meetings.