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Canucks Season Reviewed Part 2: May 2008-Management changes, Demitra Sightings and Luc Bourdon

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Mikegun_mediumMay 2, 2008: Fans had heard what Mike Gillis was focussing on with the team, including acquiring scoring, improving drafting, etc. The pressure was on.

A Swedish paper reports that Markus Naslund was pondering his future: that he wanted to play on a contender (as if he earned that) and was waiting to see what Gillis would do.

Mats Sundin officially becomes engaged to Josephine Johansson. She kind of looks like Jessica Simpson doesn't she? As to whether or not he was going to play answers from Mats on that one.

May 6: Gillis has conversations with Luongo about his commitment to the Canucks and says this about the talks:

"I've had a couple of opportunities to speak in detail with Roberto and I feel great about the conversations and his mindset about moving forward with this team," Mike Gillis said. "He is completely devoted to the team, wants to be competitive, wants to be in the playoffs, wants to win, and he made absolutely clear to me that's his focus. The idea that he doesn't want to be here is the furthest thing from being accurate."


Rumors about Pavol Demitra wanting to play in Vancouver surface as he is seen wandering the streets of Vancouver, trying not to hurt himself (ie: playing in traffic, stepping in potholes.)  This of course did not excite me one bit.

May 7: TSN reports that their sources have learned that the Leafs were asking permission to speak with Dave Nonis about possibly taking over the GM job. Little did we know...

May 14: Mike Gillis' changes in the front office officially start, as he hires "Rat Killer" Scott Mellanby as a consultant. Yankee illustrates the holes in the Canucks' offensive depth chart.

May 21: Ah, finally the word on what Gillis' plans were on the coaching staff. Assistant coaches Barry Smith and Mike Kelly were fired and Alain Vigneault's contract was extended by 1 year. Poor AV had to give the message of the firings to the media.

May 22: A picture of Canucks players' wives. Enough said. Actually, I still find it strange how Gina Luongo looks 'left out' in that image.

May 24: Yankee posts a ranting masterpiece about why Alain Vigneault should not be a shoe-in as a coach just because he won the Jack Adams award the previous year. Mike asks:

Is winning the Jack Adams really so valuable that we can ignore other shortcomings of the coach? I say no; rather it's great marketing material for the coach for the rest of his career. He then provides a plethora of stats supporting his opinion. Great stuff. This of course is a reactionary post after AV was extended. Many didn't (and still don't agree with that notion by Gillis).


Lucbourdon_medium May 29: Tragedy strikes. Luc Bourdon dies in a motorcycling accident in New Brunswick. This loss still stings today. Yankee gives a great in-depth story on Bourdon here.

More season reviews for June 2009 coming in a couple of days.