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Report: Scott Niedermayer to meet with Ducks GM mid-June

Pierre Lebrun (everybody's favorite) is reporting that Scott Niedermayer is scheduled to meet with Ducks' GM Bob Murray the week of June 14 to let him know about his plans.

If Niedermayer decides to play, the Ducks will have to move players to get under the cap. If he retires, he retires. If he decides to keep playing, but not for the Ducks, well then the madness ensues.

Today, the Team 1040 guys are still chirping about their sources saying there is a great chance that Niedermayer will play for the Canucks. Ray Ferraro agrees with them. Matt Sekeres from the Globe and Mail has now said one of his sources claims Niedermayer could be headed to Vancouver as well.

We'll see. I'm not getting my hopes up until late, late June.