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Kronwall Destroys Havlat

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The Moose are currently down 2-0 in the 1st period, as Cory Schneider is looking human. My parents are up for a visit so I can't watch the Moose game as we are heading for for Chinese.

Anyone see that Kronwall hit on Havlat tonight? That looked like a car travelling 50 mph hitting a pedestrian. Jesus Havlat Christ looked like his soul left his body as he lay there motionless.

Check it:

Kronwall got a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for what looks to be "interference". Complete BS call. The hit was clean as can be. The puck was just going through Havlat's skates and it looked like he was going to play it. His head was down and Kronwall destroyed him. Why the hell are refs or people so damned sensitive about this headshot issue? Kronwall didn't use his elbow. The force of the blow overall is what KO'd Havlat.

The league will review it and Kronwall will not be suspended.

Havlat is done for the night, but what does it matter right now? Hawks are up 3-0.

In the meantime, finally I'm seeing the Hawks from the Canucks series beating on the Wings.

I'm out.


I find it comical that Kronwall tells Sportbladet that he didn't mean to hurt Havlat. Hardly believable. Why can't people just tell the truth? You don't run a guy that hard and think in your mind that you are not out to hurt him. Not saying that hurting people is wrong, I'm just saying 'don't lie.'