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What The Niedermayer's Agent Told Team 1040

What the Niedermayer's agent said to Team 1040:
-Bro's have not talked at length about their plans on going in free agency
-possiblity of them coming here: agent doesn't know where the Canucks are financially
-not sure if Scott is going to play.
-agent sure he'll have a conversation with Vancouver
-Niedermayers have said in the past that they (in the past) that they have expressed desire to play in Vancouver, their home province, or in Canada NEAR their home town.
-Vancouver hosting the Olympics is a big thing for Scott.
-The brothers playing together isn't the "be all end all". They can be separated and play on different teams since they have already won a Cup together.
-Scott Niedermayer will make a decision on his playing future before July 1 to help out Ducks GM Bob Murray.
-In the past, the agent had talked to Steve Tambellini at length about signing here. Now the Canucks' personnel up top is completely different.
-It's a definite possibility that a Niedermayer could sign here.

So, take it for what it's worth. Don't expect this rumor to go away over the next month. It's actually about to gain momentum.

Finally, some Canucks bullshit to talk about.