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Plays Of The Year Voting

I guess I don't explore enough. The site has a great playoff format on the Canucks' plays of the year. Round 1 (bracket 1) of voting has just begun. It's a choice between 3 plays: Labarbera's stoning of Ribeiro, Wellwood batting the puck out of the air, or Rypien's breakaway goal to give the Canucks a 6-0 win over the Lames. Head over there and vote.

I'm nearly torn on 2 plays that I think may go right ot the end, which is Barbie's save and that 4-way tic-tac-toe by the Unemployment Line where Bernier finished it off. Tough call. Nah, it isn't. Barbie all the way!

Great seeing all those plays again to reflect back on the regular season that it was.