10 Reasons Bobby Lu Should Stay a Vancouver Canuck

If you're anything like me, your Monday night ended with a bit of a hissy fit. After the 6th goal you stood up and threw down your vintage 90's Canucks hat - that red and yellow skate logo staring up at you as if to remind you of how similar this feeling was to 1994 (except nobody flipped your car).

Then, as if it couldn't get any worse, a 7th goal, almost too much to bear. With that came the jersey, tossed uncerimoniously to the floor, landing on your bewildered cat who promptly took of running, jersey in tow.

By the time the final seconds were counting down, everything had to go. The posters, the Johnny Canucks flag, the calendar that reminded you Jeff Cowan at some point played for this team. Even the boxers sporting the orca 'C' on the crotch.

Then your girlfriend walks in, and asks the obvious question, "Sid... why are you butt-naked?"

You look her in the eye, anger in your glare and you mutter 3 words in reponse: "Roberto fucking Luongo".

But that was in the heat of the moment. For an instant, you forgot yourself, the overall success of this season, and how good Roberto Luongo really is. It was a flash in the pan, just a single step off the bandwagon of possibly the best netminder in fanchise history. Not only do you know better, but really, how long can you free-ball it before you miss the comfort and support of your Orca Bay undies?

Unfortunately for the rest of intelligent life in this city, the Vancouver media are a buch of hippies who don't mind hanging free all day, and every paper you've read up until today wants Bobby Lu's head on a pike, as though THAT could really make any saves for this team (well, maybe it could shutout the Rangers but I digress).

But in spite of all this negative media attention, there should be no mistake that Roberto Luongo is a star goaltender whose skill, work ethic and will to win are second to none. In this, I'd like to take a moment to fight back against the media, who will never read this, and defend the name of Roberto Luongo, the man who is a franchise goaltender we should all stand bedind.

Here are 10 reasons why Bobby Lu should stay a Vancouver Canuck:

Reason 10
Because chasing their star goaltender out of town really went well for the Habs didn't it? Since that fateful day 14 years ago, Montreal has missed the playoffs numerous times and has won a grand total of four series in the playoffs. Four! Meanwhile Patrick Roy went on to pocket himself 2 more Stanley Cup rings and go down as possibly the best goaltender in NHL history.

Reason 9
He hasn't allowed Nick Lidstrom to score from center-ice yet.

Reason 8
Roberto Luongo holds the NHL records for both most shots faced, and most saves in a single season. In that 2003-04 season, Bobby Lu played 73 games behind an anemic Florida Panthers team and posted 7 shutouts with a .931 SV%.

Reason 7
Because when Daniel Sedin gets absilutely robbed in the 2010 season, the last thing you want Jim Houston to say is "Great save Luongo!"

Reason 6
When Luongo was shipped to Florida with Ollie Jokinen, it was an absolute steal for Florida. When we got him and Krajicek for Big Bert and Alex Auld, it was equally a steal. By this pattern, we can deduce we'll get Glen Murray and a broken stick in a trade for our prize goaltender.

Reason 5
Because our 2 months without Luongo had our net so lit up there were flames shooting out of the crease.

Reason 4
Luongo is a strong presence in the community. He has his own charity, constantly visits the BC Children's Hospital and makes sure Kesler tucks in his "head-wings" before filming those BC Hydro commercials. Few players could have stepped up this way and filled the shoes of departed captain Trevor Linden, but in this case Lu has performed admirably.

Reason 3
We had a decade of career backup tenders, but really this point can be summed up in 2 simple words: Dan Cloutier.

Reason 2
Luongo's mix of Italian and French heritage helps to balance out the Sweedish influence on our team. Besides, don't all Sweedish twins need an Italian pimp?

Reason 1
Because it would be foolish to think Roberto Luongo did anything less than get us to the dance in the first place. We're crying because he stepped on our feet during the 2-step, but in reality we would have never belonged in the mix of these top teams without our best player being between the pipes.

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