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You Decide: Does Luongo Stay Or Go?

If you haven't gathered by now, this entire Luongo debate (debate! It's been two damn days since the team was ousted) is now more infuriating then actually be bounced out of the playoffs.

And the thing is, for the majority of the articles I've read, they seem to be speaking for the unspoken yet vibrant bitter masses of Vancouver fans. However that also seems to suggest just the opposite; the writer is speaking for himself or a few Team 1040 callers.

And now, by extension, we're doing it. Hooray! Isn't being part of the problem fun?

I'm not on Robson street, so I have no idea. Are you bitter? Hey, I'm bitter. Sean's bitter. And we're both firmly in the "hells no" department of this "debate". So as long as we're all talking about our bitterness, our goalie and what's in the best interest of our team, let's answer it.

At least a poll feels mildly legitimate.