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Canucks Jersey Winner

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Canucksjersey_contest_pic_medium_medium I had forgotten about our little jersey contest here at Nucks Misconduct, where the person who guessed closest to the total amount of goals scored by the Canucks wins a Canucks jersey.

The Canucks scored 30 goals in the playoffs. Rollonubears guessed 31. (Poor GZ Expat guessed 32).

Congrats to you, rollonubears! Now send me your mailing address or I'll keep it. Thank God the digs didn't go to a Blues fan! Speaking of, thanks Blues fan Dooks for reminding me about the contest. I was too caught up in my grief and self-pity to even be thinking about it :)

There will be more contests in the future, like a "whoever kicks Ben Eager in the crotch gets free season tickets" kind of thing.