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Onwards and Upwards


It's certainly not taking long for the knives to come out at these guys. You'll have no shortage of Canucks print hate for the next couple of days.

And that's why I wanted to get a quick word in and give you all a big thanks for making this website what it's become. Zanstorm and I have only been here since February. Since then our traffic (as of the end of April) has jumped by a factor of five. Having a team in the playoffs helps that, but it's you guys and girls who make it worth coming back to. Every fanpost, every link, every comment, every creative curse phrase.

A small bit of site news we overlooked in the past few days: SBN's inked a new distribution partnership with Doesn't change anything for us; it just means what we do and say here now spreads out to their Vancouver pages. Add CBS to, Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated and some others and you'll see that all of us are slowing make this stop #1 for Vancouver Canuck news. Giddy up.

We're not going anywhere. Instead today is just the beginning of the 2010 run and the craziness involving the draft and the free agency Christmas spectacular is not too far off. Before that there's what to do with pending UFA's Sundin, both Sedins, Pyatt, Rypien, Jaffray, Krog, Ouellet, Ohlund, Davison, Vaananen, Sanford and Labarbera. You envy Mike Gillis yet? Yeah I wouldn't either.

So thank you again everyone and stick around. Plenty of work to do.

Go Canucks.