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They Said It: Quotes From the Canucks and Blackhawks After Game 1

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"We had a great third period to start off. One mistake and it ends up in the back of your net," Kane said. "It's not going to be as easy as Calgary. They're a faster-paced team and we've got to keep up with them."

I thought the Hawks were the speedy team and we'd be trying to keep up with them. Huh. The Canucks did look pretty fast though, didn't they? They make Chicago look slow by implementing that "trap" that Alain Vigneault preaches.

"Kyle was our best player on the ice," Alain Vigneault said about Kyle Wellwood. "At least now he looks like a hockey player."

My wife always jokes that Wellwood looks more like a mailman (or mailboy) rather than a hockey player.  Now he looks like a mailman that came across a Doberman. I'm kidding.

Wellwood mentioned:

"It's definitely not fun to have these marks on your face, but in the playoffs it feels all right. These aren't something you worry about too much, they get you attention more than anything."  
Keep it up, Woodrow!

"I knew we were going to win. We knew we were going to win," Ryan Kesler said. "We had a push. We knew we had the fresher team. They just had a pretty tough series and we knew we had the fresher team. That was the final push they had."

"We didn't have our A game tonight and still won," he reasoned. "And when we have it, we're going to win."

Well I think all bets were off after the Hawks tied it. But it really was a great show of character for Vancouver to turn it on like that after blowing the lead. Notice how I'm getting more positive as the day goes along?