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To Those Who Post in The FanPost and FanShot Sections

There are some great posts and images, etc that are being posted in our FanPost and FanShot sections. We appreciate every post so far. Hell some of you are insanely skilled. That being said, here are a few tips:

- Use the Tags, Teams and Players functions to the right of your post. It's to your benefit because it helps Google spiders (bots-whatever, I'm not a total hack) crawl your post and more viewers will be reached than just everyone here at Nucks Misconduct. Be as thorough as possible.

If you enter: 2009 nhl playoffs in the tag section, your post will show up on the Sportblogs Nation playoff hub, which is extra cool.

These are the great things about Sportblogs Network. It really has a community feel to it.

We welcome anyone to post in the FanShot and FanPost areas. Don't be shy. Make your voice be heard!