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Canucks return home to immediately face the lowly Avalanche

I'm trying to draw something positive out of the Canucks' 5-3 loss to the desperate Oilers, besides the fact that they outshot them 46-25, but even that wasn't all that positive. The shots were not all that high quality all that often. They got no breaks. Roloson was solid and outplayed Luongo but he was not great.

To me, this loss was nearly anticipated and I think we'll see a better result against the Avalanche tonight. We had better!

One big highlight from tonight was when an Oilers fan snatched a "Terrace is Hockeyville" sign out of a Canucks fan's hand and tore it up. Samwise Gagner scored moments after that. Pretty damned funny. Those signs can obstruct other fans' view of the game. The timing of it just cracked me up.

Seeing Rypien make a stumbling fool out of Stortini with a left shot at the end of the first was thrilling as well.

My biggest questions for tonight's game were:

1. Where was that dominant Luongo that we are accustomed to seeing? He has not been a God consistently enough.

2. Was Alain Vigneault's decision to demote Demitra to the Wellwood line and Raymond promoted to the Sundin line the right choice? Sure, Sundin and Raymond clicked on the one goal, but Demitra seemed a tad more invisible tonight not playing on Sundin's line and ended up a -2.

"We lost one of our own and there are definitely a lot of emotions in this room right now," Ryan Kesler said. "We're not making any excuses for ourselves. We have to go out there and perform. I thought we had a solid game tonight. We just gave up too many mistakes. It seemed like every mistake we made, they capitalized on."

That was the game in hand that we had on Calgary, and for whatever reason the Canucks blew it to hell. The team's ability or desire to win the division will become apparent against Colorado tonight. Do they want this crown or not? Losing to  Edmonton was not the biggest of mistakes. Losing to Colorado would be, not only because it would mark 3 straight losses, but also because Colorado sucks.

Edmonton was fighting for their playoff lives. Colorado isn't.

Get it done, boys!