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Broke, Shirtless And Drunk (round 2!)

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Well it worked well the first time, so let's give it the ol' college try again.

Just like the first round, we're going to keep our little concept alive which rewards a non profit in the opposition city for losing to Vancouver. The St. Louis 14 Fund got a crisp 100 bucks for their efforts. I should have signed the check with a "Fondly, Alex Burrows". C'est la vie.

So we'll scoot on up I-55 to Chicago (or so says Google Maps) and we aim our intentions at the Blackhawks Charities. Same deal as before: Vancouver wins and they get $25 bucks. So sayeth the Hawks: 

As the official charity of the Blackhawks, Chicago Blackhawk Charities pledges to support programs and institutions throughout Illinois that work towards creating a better tomorrow for the youth of today. CBC believes in a series of fundamental principles that collectively serve to support local citizens and better the lives of youth in and around the city of Chicago.

We believe in…
• aiding those who are homeless, ill, abused, or otherwise at risk
• treating individuals suffering from disabling effects of physical injury
• promoting health, fitness and teamwork
• repressing risk-related behavior such as drug use, gang involvement and crime
• facilitating positive educational experiences that illustrate the power of learning

Not sure I agree with the fourth bullet (risk-related behavior is one of the few things some of us have left in life damn it) but's hoping the next $100 goes toward youth hockey in the Chicago area (hell isn't that a risk-related activity? Someone get their marketing team on the phone stat).

I haven't forgotten the Luc Bourdon portion of the original bet either. That's for every Canuck victory as well, so I'm just keeping that tally in my head for now.

And don't forget Zanstorm's pants shirt is still up for grabs for those who bet. Even though the contest is closed, you can still let your voice be heard. Price is Right rules are in effect so be sure to screw a fellow hockey fan in the process.

Lastly, we're putting beer where our mouths are again. Drinks of the inebriation variety are on the line between us and the managers of Second City Hockey. Sweet Kesler For Selke, few things taste better than a well earned beverage.

The series preview and plans for game one are coming shortly...