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So, The Blackhawks It Is

After a 6-day wait, the Canucks and their fans finally know who their 2nd round opponent will be. The Blackhawks made easy work of the depleted and disorientated Flames tonight to advance to the next round. With the Ducks beating the Sharks, the Canucks got their way: home ice advantage.

There are so many ways to analyze this upcoming series, which Yankee and I will tackle over the next few days. I can give you one big factor right off the hop: the Hawks' power play is red hot while the Canucks' PK is tremendous.

The Hawks were thought of as perhaps too young to go deep into the playoffs. Now all bets are off as they look uber-confident.

I'm not going to start rambling just yet but I will say 2 more things:

1. Watching Patrick Kane's post game interview tonight I noticed that his baby face is still intact. That's unacceptable. The Canucks had better give Kane and his little buddy Johnny Toews a rough ride this series

2. There is no love between these 2 teams. It wasn't long ago when this happened:

Yeah, see ya in Round 2, dinks.